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Yuegen Xiong  Professor
   Specialty: Social Policy
Research Interests:

Social policy、Comparative welfare regimes、NGOs, social capital and civil society、Aging and gerontological social work

   Education :
  1998 PhD in Social Welfare, Chinese University of Hong Kong
  1993 Master of Law Science in Demography, Jilin University, china
  1988 Bachelor of Economics, Department of Economics, Jilin University, china
   Employment :
  August, 2010 --- Professor, Department of Sociology, Peking University
  August, 2001 --- July, 2010 Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, Peking University
  2000---- 2001 Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, Peking University
  1998---- 2000 Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Sociology, Peking University
  1988---- 1994 Teaching Assistant and Lecturer, Population Research Institute & Department of Sociology, Jilin University, china
   Books :
  2009 熊跃根:《社会政策:理论与分析方法》。北京:中国人民大学出版社。( Xiong, Y.G. 2009. Social Policy: Theories and Analytical Approaches. Beijing:Renmin University Press )
  2008 熊跃根:《需要、互惠和责任分担:中国城市老人照顾的政策与实践》。上海:上海人民出版社。( Xiong, Y.G. 2008. Needs, Reciprocity and Shared Function: Policy and Practice of Elderly Care in Urban China. Shanghai: Shanghai People’s Press. )
   Articles published in English :
  Xiong, Y.G. 2013. “ Feminist discourse and European family policies in transition: A comparative analysis on the welfare regimes ”, Academia Bimestrie ( Xue Hai), No.2
  Xiong, Y.G. 2012. “ Social inequality and inclusive growth in China: Significance of social policy in a new era ”, Journal of Poverty and Social Justice, October.
  Xiong, Y.G. and Wang, S.B. 2011. “ Social policy and social work in the aging context of China ”, China Journal of Social Work, Vol.4, No.2.
  Ku. H.B., Ip, D. and Xiong, Y.G.2009. “ Social work in disaster intervention: accounts from the grounds of Sichuan “, China Journal of Social Work (Routledge), Vol.2, No,3, pp. 145-149.
  Xiong, Y.G. 2009. "Social Change and Social Policy in China: National Adaptation to Global Challenge", International Journal of Japanese Sociology (Blackwell-Wiley), Vol.18, Issue 1, November, pp.33-44.
  Xiong, Y.G. and Wang, S.B. 2007. “ Development of social work education in the context of new policy initiatives: Issues and challenges ”, Social Work Education: An International Journal(Routledge), Vol.26, No.6.
  Xiong, Y.G. 2006. “ Social transformations and the development of welfare pluralism in reform China: An assessment on China’s welfare regime ”, Journal of Social Policy and Labor Studies (Tokyo), No.14, September.
  Xiong, Y.G. 1999. “ Social policy for the elderly in the context of aging in China: Issues and challenges of social work education”, International Journal of Welfare for the Aged, Vol.1, No.1, pp. 107-122.
   Articles published in Chinese :
  Xiong, Y.G. 2012. “ Ideas of Welfare and the Limits of Social Policy in China: A Historical Institutionalism perspective ”, China Social Work Research, Vol.8
  Xiong, Y.G. 2011. “ Comparative Social Policy Research: Concepts, Methods and Application ”, Journal of Comparative Economic and Social Systems, No.3
  Xiong, Y.G. 2010. “ Reform of welfare regime and social policy development in transitional China ”, Journal of Study and Practice, No.1
  Xiong, Y.G. 2010. “Social change and institutional building: Understanding Chinese experience ”, Journal of Social Sciences, No.4
  Xiong, Y.G. 2010. “ Reconsideration on the crisis and reform of the welfare states in the context of globalisation ”, Academia Bimestris ( Xue Hai ), No.4
  Xiong, Y.G. 2010. “ A comparative analysis of social basis for constructing and developing China’s welfare regime ”, Journal of Comparative Economic and Social Systems, No.5
  Xiong, Y.G. 2008b. “ The establishment of social protection mechanism in transitional economies: China and Poland compared ”, Academia Bimestris ( Xue Hai ), No.3.
  Xiong, Y.G. 2008c. “ How to understand social welfare and welfare regimes from a comparative perspective ”, Social Security Studies, No.1
  Xiong, Y.G. and Wang, Y. 2008a. “ A study on the running mechanism of publicization of private hospitals in urban China: A neo-institutionalism perspective ”, Jiangsu Social Sciences, No.3
  Xiong, Y.G. 2007a. “ State power, social structure and cultural tradition: Theoretical exploration and comparative analysis on the welfare regimes of China, Japan and Korea ”, Jiangsu Social Sciences, No.4
  Xiong, Y.G. and Zeng, X.C. 2007b. “ Research on the relationship between Citizen’s body and state governance in medical aid: A case study in T city, Shangdong Province ”, Journal of Study and Practice, No.12
  Xiong, Y.G. 2006. “ Postmodernism and modern social work: Reflections on Theories and Practice ”, China Social Work Research, Vol.4.
  Xiong, Y.G. 2005a. “ Social capital building and civil society development in the process of social transformation: A review essay, Guangdong Journal of Social Sciences, No.5.
  Xiong, Y.G. 2005b. “ Paths and strategies of Social Work Education Development in Transitional China ”, Journal of East China University of Science and Technology, No.1
  Xiong, Y.G. and He, X. 2004. “ The formation and development of social capital of the vulnerable groups in urban China: A case study in Beijing ”,
  Xiong, Y.G. 2002. “ On theoretical building and analytical framework of social policy in China ” , China Social Work Research, Vol.1
  Xiong, Y.G. 2001. “ The development of the third sector in the countries of transitional economy: Interpretations on China ”, Sociological Studies , No.1
  Xiong, Y.G. 1999. “ State, Market and Welfare: Ideological development of Social Policy in Western Societies and Its Implication ”, Sociological Studies, No.3.
  Xiong, Y.G. 1998a. “ Perception of Adult Children on Elderly Care: Focus Groups Data Analysis ”, Sociological Studies, No.5.
  Xiong, Y.G. 1998b. “ Intergenerational Relationship and Elderly Care in Urban China. ” China Population Science , No.6.
   Book Reviews :
  2009 Lau, S.K. et al. (eds.) Indicators of Social Development: Hong Kong 2004, Social Work Education, Vol.28, No.5, pp. 577---578
  2008 Walker, A. and Wong, C.K (eds.) East Asian Welfare Regimes-From Confucianism to Globalization, China Journal of Social Work, Vol.1, No.1, pp.93---96
   Editorial Activities :
  Editorial Board Member, Asian Education and Development Studies (Emerald) (2011-- )
  Editorial Board Member, Asian Social Work and Policy Review (Wiley) (2007-- )
  Editorial Board Member, Asian Social Work and Policy Review (Blackwell, 2007--- )
  The Executive Editor, China Journal of Social Work (Routledge, 2007-- )
  Editorial Board Member and The Executive Editor, China Social Work Research (Social Sciences Academic Press, China, 2002-- )
   Journal Guest Editor :
  2009 Ku, H.B., Ip, D. and Xiong, Y.G. (guest editors). Special Issue on Disaster Relief and Social Work in China, China Journal of Social Work, Vol.2, No.2
   Awards, Honors and Fellowships :
  November, 2011 The Invited Faculty Member, The 483rd Salzburg Global Seminar, Austria
  July, 2011 & July, 2012 Visiting Professor, Department of Social and Public Administration, the City University of Hong Kong
  2011 Recipient of Support Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University in China in 2010 ( 2010年教育部新世纪优秀人才支持计划入选学人)
  December, 2010 The Second Class Prize, Award of Excellent Research in Humanities and Social Sciences, Peking University
  2009 Visiting Associate Professor ( City University of Hong Kong )
  September, 2007 The Excellent Teacher Award supported by the Bank of Industry and Commerce of China, Peking University
  2005 JSPS Visiting Fellow ( University of Tokyo, Japan )
  2003 Fellow at the Hanse Institute for Advanced Studies (HWK) ( Delmenhorst, Germany )
  2002 The British Academy KC Wong Visiting Fellow ( University of Oxford, UK )
  2001 The Gordon White Memorial Fund Visiting Fellow ( IDS, Brighton, UK )
  2000---2002 Honorary Associate Professor, University of Hong Kong
   Memberships :
  International Sociological Association (ISA) RC19 ( 2009---2012 )
  International Political Science Association (IPSA) ( 2006---2010 )
  The Fabian Society (UK) ( 2003---2004 )
   Professional Activities :
  July, 2013 The Invited Keynote Speaker, The 11th EASP Annual Conference, Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China
  May, 2013 The Invited Plenary Speaker, The Caritas-Hong Kong 60th Anniversary International Conference, Hong Kong SAR
  March, 2013 The external examiner, PhD Thesis Assessment, School of Public Health and Social Work, The Queensland University of Technology, Australia
  April, 2012 The Invited Plenary Speaker, The 2012 Christie Conference, Bergen, Norway
  April, 2012 The First Opponent, PhD Public Defense, the Department of Comparative Politics, The University of Bergen, Norway
  January, 2012 The external examiner, PhD Thesis Oral Exam, the Department of Public and Social Administration, The City University of Hong Kong
  The Member of the Council, China Social Welfare Association ( 2010-- )
  The Expert Committee Member, China National Committee of Elderly Service System, the Ministry of Civil Affairs, China ( 2009-- )
  The Anonymous Reviewer, International Political Science Review (IPSA), International Journal of Social Welfare (Blackwell), Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law (Duke), Journal of Social Policy & Society (Cambridge), China: An International Journal
  The Advisory Committee Member, East Asian Social Policy Research Network (UK) ( 2008--- )
  The Standing Committee Member and the Deputy Secretary-in-General, China Association for Social Work Education (CASWE), The Ministry of Education, China ( 2008-- )
  March, 2007. The Invited Keynote Speaker, the 5th EASP ( East Asian Social Policy Research Networking ) Annual Conference held in the University of Tokyo, Japan
  July, 2007. The Invited Plenary Session Speaker, at The 15th ICSD ( International Consortium for Social Development Symposium ) held in Hong Kong SAR, China.
  The Expert Committee Member, China National Social Workers’ Professional Evaluation Committee, The Ministry of Civil Affairs, China ( 2006-- )
  October, 2005. The Invited Plenary Session Speaker at The 111 Biennial Conference of Japan Society of Labor and Social Policy, held in Sapporo, Japan.
  The Member of the Council, China Youth Development Foundation (2001-2005)
  September, 1999 The Invited plenary session speaker at the Joint Conference of The AASW, IFSW, and AASWWE “ Promoting Inclusion-Redressing Exclusion: The Social Work Challenge ”, Held in Sheraton Brisbane Hotel, Australia.