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Faculty members of the Department

  • Cai, Hua  Professor ,  Specialty:  Anthropology ,    Email Hua Cai
  • Deng, Suo  Assistant Professor ,  Specialty:  Sociology ,    Email Deng Suo
  •      Research Interestes:asset building and social development, human service organization, social work in health care
  • Fang, Wen  Professor ,  Specialty:  Sociology ,    Email Wen Fang
  • Gao, Bingzhong  Professor ,  Specialty:  Anthropology ,    Email Bingzhong Gao
  • Gao, Xiang  Assistant Professor ,    Email Xiang Gao
  •      Research Interestes:Policy and Administration、Research Methods and Data Analysis、Child and Family Issues、Poverty and Inequality、Asset Building、Health Care、International and Comparative Social Welfare
  • Guo, Jinhua  Assistant Professor ,    Email Jinhua Guo
  •      Research Interestes:
            Stigma and social discrimination associated with mental illness and HIV/AIDS;
            Illness experience, public health and medical care system in China;
            Medical anthropology, social medicine, social and cultural anthropology;
            Social and cultural transformation in China;
            Local culture of Bai ethnic minority group in Yunnan of China
  • Guo, Zhigang  Professor ,  Specialty:  Social Demography ,    Email Zhigang Guo
  • Li, Jianxin  Professor ,  Specialty:  Social Demography ,    Email Jianxin Li
  • Li, Kang  Associate Professor ,  Specialty:  Sociology ,    Email Kang Li
  •      Research Interestes:Sociological Theory,Historical Sociology,Sociology of body
  • Li, Yuemei  Associate Professor ,  Specialty:  Social Work ,    Email Yuemei Li
  • Liu, Aiyu  Professor ,  Deputy Head  ,  Specialty:  Sociology ,    Email Aiyu Liu
  •      Research Interestes:sociology of work,sociology of Organization
  • Liu, Neng  Professor ,  Specialty:  Sociology ,    Email Neng Liu
  •      Research Interestes:        Social Movements and Collective Actions
            Deviance, Crime, and Social Control
            Urban Social Problems/Urban Space-Utilizing
            Lifestyle and Consumption/Youth Studies
            Quantitative Methods: Survey and Index Construction
            Public Policy and Evaluation Studies
  • Liu, Shiding  Professor ,  Specialty:  Sociology ,    Email Shiding Liu
  • Lu, Huilin  Associate Professor ,  Specialty:  Sociology ,    Email Huilin Lu
  • Lu, Jiehua  Professor ,  Specialty:  Social Demography ,    Email Jiehua Lu
  • Lu, Yunfeng  Associate Professor ,  Specialty:  Sociology ,    Email Yunfeng Lu
  •      Research Interestes:Sociology of religion, Social Psychology, Environmental Sociology
  • Ma, Fengzhi  Professor ,  Specialty:  Social Work
  • Ma, Rong  Professor ,  Specialty:  Sociology ,    Email Rong Ma
  • Qian, Minhui  Professor ,  Specialty:  Sociology ,    Email Minhui Qian
  • Qiu, Zeqi  Professor ,  Specialty:  Sociology ,    Email Zeqi Qiu
  • Sun, Feiyu  Associate Professor ,  Specialty:  Sociology ,    Email Feiyu Sun
  •      Research Interestes:China’s modernity in terms of Revolution and Culture;Modern Social Philosophy; Classical Psychoanalysis
  • Tao,Lin  Associate Professor ,    Email Lin Tao
  •      Research Interestes:Sociological Theory;Game Theory and Behavioral Game Theory;Experimental Methods; Cooperation and Altruistic Behavior;Volunteerism, Non-Profit Organizations, and Civil Society in China
  • Tong, xin  Professor ,  Specialty:  Sociology ,    Email Xin Tong
  • Wang,Di  Assistant Professor ,    Email Di Wang
  •      Research Interestes:Urban Sociology;Social Research Method
  • Wang, Mingming  Professor ,  Specialty:  Anthropology ,    Email Mingming Wang
  • Wang, Sibin  Professor ,  Specialty:  Sociology, Social Policy ,    Email Sibin Wang
  •      Research Interestes:Sociology of organization、social policy, social work、rural sociology
  • Wu, Baoke  Professor ,  Party Secretary and Deputy Head  ,  Specialty:  Digital Communication System、Digital Signal Processing ,    Email Baoke Wu
  • Wu, Lijuan  Assistant Professor
  • Xie, Lizhong  Professor ,  Head  ,  Specialty:  Sociology ,    Email Lizhong Xie
  •      Research Interestes:Sociological Theory, Social Theory, the Study of Social Development and Modernization,Social Policy
  • Xiong, Yuegen  Professor ,  Specialty:  Social Policy ,    Email Yuegen Xiong
  •      Research Interestes:Social policy、Comparative welfare regimes、NGOs, social capital and civil society、Aging and gerontological social work
  • Yan, Shengming  Associate Professor ,  Specialty:  Social Work ,    Email Shengming Yan
  • Yu, Changjiang  Associate Professor ,  Deputy Head  ,  Specialty:  Sociology ,    Email Changjiang Yu
  • Zhang,Chunni  Assistant Professor ,    Email Chunni Zhang
  •      Research Interestes:Social Stratification,Migration
  • Zhang, Jing  Professor ,  Specialty:  Sociology ,    Email Jing Zhang
  • Zhao, Bin  Associate Professor ,  Specialty:  Sociology ,    Email Bin Zhao
  • Zhou, Feizhou  Professor ,  Specialty:  Sociology ,    Email Feizhou Zhou
  • Zhou, Hao  Associate Professor ,  Specialty:  Social Demography ,    Email Hao Zhou
  • Zhou, Yun  Professor ,  Specialty:  Anthropology ,    Email Yun Zhou
  • Zhu, Xiaoyang  Professor ,  Deputy Head  ,  Specialty:  Anthropology ,    Email Xiaoyang Zhu
  •      Research Interestes:political anthropology, anthropology of law, Industrial anthropology, development study